The "We Get You" Visa Campaign is targeting the millennial demographic. Each Ad is customized to a specific region (i.e. New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, etc) with the emoticons expressing things that region is known for. The Formula is relatively simply, in the background you have a photograph of the region with a gradient overlay. In the foreground you have 5 emojis, the first is always a credit card, the following 3 are attributes the region is known for and the last is a hand gesture the region is known for. Below the emojis you have the slogan "We Get You" followed by the featured region.
Print Ads
"We Get You, New York City" Ad
"We Get You, San Francisco" Ad
"We Get You, Chicago" Ad
The mailer comes in an invitation envelope so it stands out from the bills.
The card on the inside has a short poem, "Rent is expensive, Food is too, You make minimum wage, Don't worry, we get you"
Opening the card you are greeting with a pocket that contains the "We Get You" customization pack.
The customization back includes, a card who's background image is customized to your zip code along with your name, and various emoji stickers that you can use to customize your card.
You can apply whichever emoji stickers you want in order to customize the card, you are then encouraged to share it on social media and you also have the option to order your own customized "We Get You" Visa Card
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